Monday, May 2, 2011

All Moms Go To Heaven

I just read the quick, funny read, All Moms Go to Heaven by Dean Hughes (former Relief Society general presidency counselor Kathleen Hughes' husband) and a few quotes stuck out to me, especially since Mother's Day is this week:

“God is our father. Christ is both a father to us and a brother. But isn’t it interesting that when Christ appeared to the Nephites in the new world , he used a female image to describe himself: “How oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and have nourished you (3 Nephi 10:4).” It is also interesting that when we describe the traits of Christ, we use words like meek, humble, gentle, gracious, and loving. But most of these terms, in our society, we associate more with women than with men, and we sometimes, even today, see such qualities as evidence of male weakness. But women need strength and men need tenderness for the best child raising.”

"All mothers aren’t headed for heaven. But what about yours? There’s not one doubt in my mind about my mother. And don’t almost all of us feel that way? I think the most honored name in the world is “mother,” and we usually compare ours, as Lincoln did, to an angel. The fact is, our moms are human, and they mess up, and their best isn’t perfect, but she’s still “Mom.” Anyone who has the title should cherish it."


Empowering LDS Women said...

I think it's such an interesting point that many of the Christlike attributes we admire are also traits we associate with women. Something I've wondered about, and considered writing about, is the question of what traits really are uniquely male and female, and which traits are just Christ-like traits we should all develop? I don't know that there's a clear answer, but it's something I've been pondering.

Thanks for Sharing!

Empowering LDS Women said...

P.S. That last comment was from Steph - I forgot I was signed in under the empoweringldswomen account :)

Emily said...

Thanks Bridget for posting this one. I read this one a couple years ago and got a real kick out of it! It's been so long, though, that I haven't posted on it. It's a fun read, with some good points.