Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Career Goals vs. Homemaking

In 2005 it is normal to hear young women describe their goals for the future in terms of exciting careers they plan to pursue. These girls most likely also desire to be wives and mothers, but today it seems more appropriate to announce career goals first.

I remember when I was young and at some point it became inappropriate to answer, "I want to be a mom" when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  

I think that is a big part of why I pushed mothering waaay ahead into my future -- so far away that when I got to the point that I probably should have started having children, I was really afraid to.  Why would I want to do something hard like have children?  Then I can't do what I want anymore.

As I raise my girls, I hope I can give them a good impression of mothering where they will want to put it first.  Of course, I want them to have the legal freedom to have a career (and be paid the same as a man), but I hope they choose first to raise a family.


Amanda said...

I once worked at a place that made you write your future goals down. They heavily emphasized getting an education so you could reach that career goal. When first hired and asked my goal, I answered honestly- to be a homemaker(wife and mother.) This was before I was married. They responded by saying 'no, what is your career goal?' and I said 'That is my career goal.' The person interviewing me gave me a funny look and finally wrote it down. I may have to still work for a living but I am doing it out of my home and on my terms. I love it.

Emily said...

Ooooh I totally want to post about that. When I was considering applying to grad school they emphasized don't put in your application that you want this to help you out as a mother/wife. And that was at BYU!