Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Perceptions We Give

A few months ago I got together with some old Ricks' roommates.  One roommate commented, "Emily, I'm sure surprised you're a stay-at-home mom. You were so career driven!"

I just about choked!  How could it have been that I sent out that kind of message -- and to those I knew best?

I always knew I'd be a wife and a mom someday, but that was way off in the future.  At that point in my life, though, I was extremely academically driven and felt that grades were the only way I could compete successfully with the boys.  (I'm not sure why I wanted to compete with them.  Perhaps it was for the attention.  Back then, I mostly dressed like the boys, thinking they'd like me for being like them -- not realizing the boys liked girls who were girly.)

I really didn't have a career in mind, and never did come up with one; I guess I just wanted success in something.

Now where am I going with this?  I guess it's just interesting the impressions we leave with people.  Hopefully we leave impressions that truly reflect who we are and what we stand for.  Hopefully we understand ourselves enough to give a true representation (which does sometimes change).  Hopefully this blog can leave a good impression of womanhood and some of the good in it.

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Polly Oveson Scott said...

So true. You always left a good impression on me! I've always looked up to your example!