Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am thrilled about this Blog. Thank you Emily for being such a great friend and example to me. Hope to share things that will be helpful, faithbuilding and encouraging to all you fellow sisters out there, and am so exited to learn!

Unmarried with Kids Trend Reported on NPR

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood linked to Unmarried with Kids: A Shift in the Working Class, a report on NPR.  I found the article on NPR and the comments on LAF/Beautiful Womanhood very interesting.  One quote by "Andrew Cherlin a sociologist and author of The Marriage Go-Round:
What I think is happening is that a lot of young adults these days think that having a kid is absolutely necessary and something you don't put off until someday in the future when you might be able to marry.
 I suppose the trend in the past was to wait and wait and wait until your career was established and you were married, then when you tried to have kids, it was hard.  Sounds like now you just have kids whether you have a career (or any job) or a husband -- just so you don't miss the opportunity.