Sunday, November 10, 2013

Three tips on not being jealous and not judging others

We've had a really neat experience over the last 5 months to see the conversion and baptism (yesterday) of our son's friend, Canon, age 10.  Although it's been awesome for the most part, we can tell it's been hard on our son because his friend has gotten SO MUCH attention.  We've tried to stress that Eli (our son) needs to try and be happy for his friend's success & accomplishment.

I remembered tonight that I've had a little list on my bed stand for MONTHS on ways to make it easier to not judge others.  It was so short that I hadn't bothered to make a post of it, yet I though the ideas were good.  My second point on the list was, as mentioned above:

Be happy for others' accomplishments.

The other two points were:

1. Get to know the person/people you are struggling with, and

2. Believe others are doing the best they can.

My dad was always a great example of being happy for others & their accomplishments, and I've always remembered that.  It can be so easy to judge or to be jealous, but if we have the mindset that others are people, too, and we should be happy for them, it makes it easier.

Good. Now I can throw away my note that's been on my dresser.