Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Children to Earn Their Keep

Last week we got an e-mail from our almost fifth grader's teacher about supplies he could use for school such as a wireless mouse, flash drive, ear buds, folders, notebooks, dry erase markers, pencils, pens, etc. I went out and bought the stuff, but thought, now why should I just give this to him? I decided he should earn it. So, I put the items in a box, and on each item I put a sticky note with a small chore such as walk the baby around the circle in the wagon five times, or clean the baseboards in your bedroom, or dust the ceiling corners on the main floor, or straighten the books, or clean out the silverware drawer. He's been so willing to do these jobs because he's really excited to get all this new stuff.

The thing that surprises me the most is actually his ability to work.  I've grossly underestimated his attention span for work.  When he's motivated, he's motivated!  He's gotten so many of the little things done that I've wanted to get done so quickly. I'll need to apply this concept to school clothes, I believe!