Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remembering Samoa

I did my student teaching in Western Samoa 14 years ago.  While I was there I kinda liked it, but kinda didn't.  The humidity was gross, the bugs were gross; I found plenty to complain about.  When I hopped on the plane to go home, I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness regarding how much I was really going to miss that place and that I should have appreciated that experience more.

The other day I realized I hope I'm not treating motherhood the same way.  I kinda like it, but it's kinda hard.  I'm really tired.  I'm really tired of cleaning.  I'm really tired of correcting.  I'm really tired of hearing "Mom."

My friend Polly once told me that she tried to live life without regrets.  I realized that if I keep kinda not liking some of this motherhood stuff, that when it's over, I'm really going to regret it just like I regret not enjoying Samoa as much as I should/could have while I was there.  So, here's to enjoying this time of life more, living without regrets, and remembering I'll miss it when this phase is over.