Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Beauty Paradox

(Wow!  Two posts in one day, you mus be shocked!!)

You probably all saw Stephanie's post, The Beauty Paradox, a bit back at Diapers and Divinity.  I kept meaning to write about it, but was just... busy with other things.

However, since this has kind of become my personal file-folder of sorts, I still wanted to link to her post for future reference.

Favorite quotes:

". . .when young women dress immodestly, “they not only can send the wrong message to young men with whom they associate, but they also perpetuate in their own minds the fallacy that a woman’s value is dependent solely upon her sensual appeal. “"

"The world’s (and Satan’s) definition of beauty tries to convince us that only by using clothing, our bodies, and our looks can we have power and gain approval.  The approval that surface beauty seeks is the approval of men.  And women.  I have often wondered why women who are active Latter-day Saints, endowed in the temple, married (and therefore more informed on how men work) still choose to dress immodestly.  I do not think they are seeking attention from other men.  I think they seek attention and approval from women who have also bought into the importance of surface beauty.  I can’t fairly make any sweeping generalizations about this, but it’s important to ask the motive-question:  why would I choose clothing that portrays “sexy”?  It’s important to note that when we seek the approval of other people, that approval is fleeting and fickle.  Trends change, and we can easily find ourselves on a treadmill of shopping, beauty procedures, and self-absorption just trying to keep up with what the world of fashion demands."

"In the end, surface beauty causes us to seek approval from mankind and to get power from the wrong source.  Deep beauty, however, earns the approval of of our Heavenly Father, plus self-approval and self-respect.  This approval is lasting and unwavering.  Our virtue gives us confidence.  If you can look in the mirror each day and look into your eyes at your deep beauty, and feel the love and power that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ, then you are prepared to face whatever challenges may come your way with confidence.  Surface beauty gets you noticed, but deep beauty makes you PRAISEWORTHY.  When you are virtuous, you are worthy of respect and you are an example to others.  You wear the countenance of Christ, and you can comfortably draw upon Him for power and confidence."

The Plague of Our Day

Let's be open and honest here.  We all know pornography is a huge plague of our day; we probably can all think of at least one person/family it has affected.  I've seen some great posts within the last couple days that I wanted to link to and spread the words of hope.

1.  Jocelyn at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ wrote up a little story/lesson on how to talk to your kids about their bodies.  It brought tears to my eyes giving me even greater desire to protect and teach my darling little children the sacredness of their bodies (and their minds).

2.  Stephanie at Diapers and Divinity was pretty fired up about fighting pornography and provided some different ideas to people in different situations dealing with pornography.  She also links to lots of resources.

3.  In Stephanie's post, I wanted to point out a specific resource -- a forum for wives of pornography addicts.  It contains resources and a place for women to connect.  This is part of the initiative coming from Mormon Woman and MMB, at least partially spurred on by so many of the hopeless comments left on their sites about the devastating effects of pornography.

Pray we can protect our families from this plague, but let's also take action and do what we can to fight it!