Sunday, April 20, 2014

Car Keys and the Priesthood

I'm working on a summary of Women and the Priesthood by Sheri Dew, but wanted to jot down a little analogy now that popped into my head when I was reading Chapter 6: "Both Women and Men Have Access to God's Highest Spiritual Blessings."

When I first heard the analogy of the priesthood being like an umbrella, where the man holds the umbrella, but its blessings cover both men and women, I liked it, but I think this car analogy may work even better.

Which part of the car is most important? The engine, the brakes, the steering, the separate and little and oh so losable key? Can we even say? I don't think we can say which part is most important. Each part serves its function, and none can properly function without other connected parts. It is the key, however, that activates the car; it is not most important at it serves as part of a whole system, but it is absolutely necessary.
Can we compare the car key and its function with the rest of car to the priesthood and its function for all humankind?  Just as a key is a part of a larger system, men, who hold the priesthood (including priesthood keys) are also part of the larger system of humankind and have a specific duty in God's Plan of Happiness.  Does this make them more important than women and children? No, but they are necessary to fulfill a specific purpose: to hold the key (or the priesthood). The key turns to activate the Relief Society, the stakes, the patriarchs, the temples, and so forth.

I think you can extend the analogy to making women the key in the roles they play, particularly regarding growing babies.