Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Laws and Blessings

A friend recently posted an article on Facebook entitled Happiest Parents Have Four or More Children. I immediately thought, is that because they're already calm and stable enough to be able to handle it? And yes, the parents had planned and chosen the lifestyle of having that many children.  Nevertheless, it got me thinking, what are the blessings God gives us when we live his laws? Maybe we are happier when we have children (I'm still working on getting a hold on that one. We had our fifth since I last wrote. Maybe the happiness comes later?). When we pay tithing or give charitably, we feel better: just look into financial experts like David Bach or Dave Ramsey. When children serve outside their families, it has the greatest impact on them, more than serving people they know and family (sorry, I can't remember the exact benefits). Additionally, the opposite is true: when we don't live God's laws, there are natural adverse effects. You have multiple sex partners, you're quite likely to contract diseases.  Anyway, that's all.

I think blogging is good for my brain. I've saved some cool things on Pinterest and some on Facebook, now, but there's something about processing it through writing. Plus, I can always come back and see what my thoughts were when I blog about it. We'll see if I can find the time to write again now with 5 kids. I never imagined having 5!!