Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Feminine Minority: A Brief History of Feminism and the Modern Woman

I've mentioned the book, The Feminine Minority by Patricia Regar a few times now, but have never actually blogged about it.  I try to blog about things that are really amazing to me, and that book just wasn't one I agreed with enough to actually blog about.  However, since I have mentioned it a couple times, and probably will in the future, I thought I better give it some credit.

Several months ago, when I wanted to figure out why attitudes have changed toward the stay-at-home mom over the years and how modern feminist attitudes have infiltrated our society without us even noticing, I pulled out my old notes from a women's history class to look up a few things.  I'd also recently been on LAF/Beautiful Womanhood and saw The Feminine Minority:  A Brief History of Feminism and the Modern Woman.  Rather than reading through my pages and pages of hand-written class notes, I thought I'd just get the printed book.

I started the book and realized I disagreed with a lot of what she said:  the Enlightenment, education, the vote, equal pay, easier divorce, and dating (her slant is against those things to an extent, so I felt like a real liberal).  She did bring up many surprising and important quotes, and the book was well-written and interesting, but I just didn't agree with so much of it.