Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Lion and the Lioness

I just finished listening to The Lion and the Lioness regarding Brigham Young and Eliza R. Snow.  With my love of history, I just loved hearing about women in Nauvoo, the Relief Society, and early Salt Lake City.  I love to hear how women were involved in society and how the interactions between men and women were.  As I listened, the thought crossed my mind, and it may be completely absurd and the details out of context, but that some of the LDS polygamous women back then (1800s) were getting out into society the way feminists of the 1960s also wanted women to get involved in society.  One example was women getting involved in medicine.  How's that for an idea?

(Now I'm not promoting polygamy here, nor am I promoting liberal feminist causes, but I thought it was an interesting observation.)