Monday, December 13, 2010

My Time to Teach

I was listening to a "Conversation" with Claudio and Margarethe Costa.  The Costas were talking about being happy.  Sister Costa said when you're a mother of young children, sometimes it's hard to be happy because there are so many things you can't do, but when you realize it's not your time to learn, it's your time to teach, it makes it much easier.  She was specifically referring to how frustrating it gets at church.  She also mentioned that there will be times later to do things you want to get done such as clean the closet.

My thoughts:
  •  Although I'd love to be listening better and participating more at church, I hope my spiritual stores are filled so that I can be aware and direct my kids in the things they need to know.  It's their turn to learn the Gospel; I've already learned it (or at least should have!) -- not that I should neglect my personal growth. . . .
  • I suppose if if I make cleaning a part of teaching (which I think it should be, but it's hard), that will make it  less frustrating.  
  • Learning I do should not selfishly get in the way of the family, but should be of benefit to them.