Friday, April 15, 2011

More on Modesty

I wish I had time to further develop this thought here, but here are three points to drop into my modesty/chastity file.  Enjoy:

1. 195 Dresses:

2.  From a LAF/Beautiful Womanhood review of the movie Soul Surfer:

Mom, I don’t understand. Parents tell their daughters they’re supposed to dress modestly, and then they go crazy over this movie [Soul Surfer}, proving that modesty isn’t really all that important to them. It’s like girls at church are supposed to be modest, but it’s OK for boys at church to watch girls who are practically naked, as long as it’s in a movie. Modesty is either important or it’s not. If boys aren’t moved by a girl in a bikini, then what are they moved by? And why do I have to dress modestly?

3.  From President Monson's talk at the Priesthood Session of General Conference, April 2011:

Many movies and television shows portray behavior which is in direct opposition to the laws of God. Do not subject yourself to the innuendo and outright filth which are so often found there.