Thursday, May 19, 2011

Falling Divorce Rates

CNN reported in Divorce Rates Falling, Report Finds just what the title states.  I wondered before reading the article if it's because people typically live together first before marrying; therefore, if they do decide to marry later, they're more sure about it, and they end up sticking together.  That's basically what the article said, but I've also heard that people who do live together, have the "test the waters" mindset and tend to continue to "test the waters" with people other than their spouse after marriage.  Maybe things have changed though; who knows.

<sarcasm> I do know, however, that female and male bodies are meant to fit together; people have been proving this for thousands of years successfully (post-marriage). </sarcasm>

On a related note, LAF/Beautiful Womanhood just linked to an article today stating that Kids Can Do Abstinence, Data Shows.

Beauty Redefined Again

(This post disappeared when Blogger was down lat week, but here it is again!)

I know I posted about these gals already, but, if you feel so inclined to donate for their "Beauty Redefined" billboard campaign, there are still a few days left!

Also, they've distributed sticky notes all over the country that you can post places where real beauty ought to be exemplified.  If there's enough interest, they'll order and distribute more sticky notes!