Monday, March 14, 2011

Christian Feminist Essay

CJane hosted a very interesting essay by a Christian feminist and her views on the need for true equality between men and women. She makes the point that while many can say that feminism and gender issues are not needed anymore, for millions around the world issues like violence against women and unequal treatment are sadly still very, very real. Check it out at:

I really liked a few things that she said. She said that Galatians 3:28 was really important to her in proving the need for equality and it says, "there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." I love the idea of us all being one in purpose.

I also loved the quote she used from poet Nancy Smith, "For every woman who takes a step toward her own liberation, there is a man who finds the way to freedom has been made a little easier."


Emily said...

Interesting essay. I agreed with a lot of it. I liked Lee's comment at the end: When men & women realize that we can not succeed without the benefits of the other is when equality will take place. Why are we looking at a mans role as greater then a women's. That is a fault of our own. When we can realize our role is of significance and quit questioning if it is significant to a mans is when equality can take place on our part.

Emily said...

Also liked this comment by Minta: I am LDS. I like a lot of what Hannah says. There is one thing I feel that is missing, though. Having children is something ONLY WOMEN CAN DO. It is also the greatest privilege, I believe, given to man or woman. So, to choose NOT to have children for any reason other than your health and safety is an outright dishonor to womanhood and God's plan. That is the greatest thing we can do in this life- raise children! I will respect others' opinions but won't back down that God meant for his daughters to be mothers. This isn't the only thing He meant for us to do, but it's the most important thing... Don't miss out!