Saturday, May 7, 2011

Homemaking Skills from a Mother

NotMolly posted this lovely post entitled Homemaking Skills My Mother Taught Me.  I think my favorite section is the one entitled "Prayer Works"; wonderful reminiscences.  Just an excerpt:

Exhibit 2: Early Teen-Me needed school clothing. It had been a rough year, employment-wise, and there really wasn’t much money for back-to-school wardrobes for the whole family. A few days before school was to start, Mom invited us to join her for a family prayer after breakfast, to pray that way and means would be opened to allow us to get everyone decently clothed for the school year, and that He’d provide everything that was needful. When my Dad came home from work that afternoon, he looked at the bags and bags of hand-me-down clothing sitting in our living room, and said, “Your mother has been praying again, hasn’t she?”

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