Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Virtuous Women -- more than morally virtuous

Noble Womanhood shared a bit of the intro to Queen of the Home.

I used to think that the word “virtuous” as used in these texts meant “moral,” or “pure.” While the word “virtue” is at times translated this way, and while this meaning too should define a godly woman, this is not the meaning of the word . . . .  I was amazed to discover that in the original Hebrew this word is chayil—which is also translated throughout the Bible as “strength”, “ability”, “valiant”, “army”, “host”, “forces”, “riches”, “wealth”, “substance”, “power” and even “war”! No wonder such a woman is far more valuable than rubies.

The godly wife and mother is no household drudge, weak doormat, or mindless parasite. She is a mighty warrior queen who fights righteous battles at her husband’s side and reigns with him over the home and domain God has given them as they work together for Christ’s eternal Kingdom and glory.


Curls said...

Great insight. Thank you!

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Ooh, i love this. It is amazing how when you look at the roots of words the meaning totally changes

Emily said...

After watching the Reformation show that's been on the last 3 Sundays, I wondered how a new translation would go if it were coming straight from the Hebrew/Greek/Latin. It would be so cool (probably).

Amanda said...

I love this kind of info. Thanks for sharing.