Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Help

The other night my husband I rented, yes rented from the local video store, The Help.  I've always loved Civil Rights and race movies (Remember the Titans, etc.).  I quite enjoyed how the The Help portrayed the domestic/women's side of things during the era. I've never looked at the situation in that light, so it was quite enlightening and refreshing.  Although parts of the film were kind of melodramatic, I loved how it portrayed the potential cattiness of women, yet showed we all struggle and want to fit in, too.  We just don't know what people are going through.

I could have done without the language, but just had to keep thinking back to my Ricks days when the Idaho farm boys used one of those words like it wasn't a cuss word!  Not that I should be justifying it.

So, if you haven't seen it and want a good women's perspective of an era, The Help a great movie; just plug your ears. ;)  The movie could only have been better had it actually been based on a real story.


Robyn said...

The Help was based on stories of actual women but yes the characters are fictional. The author of the book wrote in many of her personal feelings and experiences having been raised in the south by "the help." She had a great love for the woman who raised her and that can be seen in the characters of Skeeter and Constantine. I highly recommend the book.

My friend that lent me the book asked me, "so which 'side' do you think you would have been on?" And then I asked myself, what would I be willing to give up for what is right? (Skeeter giving up friends, status, her boyfriend, and eventually family as she moves away unable to really change her friends, etc.)

I enjoyed the movie too and agree that I could have gone without the profanity.

Emily said...

Awesome! I'm glad you told me it IS based on something real. That makes it all the better, even if it's just a conglomerate. I'll have to find time to read the book!