Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poisoned by Degrees

A friend posted this video on facebook yesterday from Dawn Hawkins at Morality in Media who was flying from Washington, D.C. to Texas to speak at a conference regarding the correlation between pornography and sex trafficking.  Sitting in front of her on her flight was a man looking at porn.  She confronted him, and he basically denied it.  Later, she quietly told him where she was going and why and mentioned that he was part of the problem.  Another woman stood up and told her that no one cared.

Dawn also wrote a summary of her experience if you don't want to take the time to watch the video.

What struck me, was that when I watched the video, there were 103 likes and 2,253 dislikes. So did that mean 103 people like what she's doing or that 2,253 dislike pornography and clicked dislike? I certainly hope 2,253 people don't think she's an idiot for trying to take a stand, so they're disliking her.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if people really don't like the stand she's taking.  We live in a pornography-saturated society.  We have been poisoned by degrees to accept it.  People like their porn.  We're afraid to speak out against it because we don't want to be the goody-goody, and we don't want to take away people's "free speech" rights, do we?
In the facebook conversation following the video, there were some insightful comments:

I'm starting to realize that a lot of [people, even married women with children] simply don't care. They'll complain passionately about the new law in Virginia that women must get an ultrasound before an abortion, but not one word is said about child pornography and human trafficking. I brought up the matter to a friend the other day and mentioned the serious nature of child pornography in particular. I was astounded that she responded so casually-that grown adults should be left alone to what they will do.
. . . the kind of porn the men view and collect is a direct indicator of what kind of sexual activity they are into and the viewing of it feeds their addiction until they feel they must act it out. If they are into women, they can act out their fantasies with a consenting adult (not that it isn't still harmful). If it's children, well, this is where the child molestors are born. Don't think it could never be your child--these addicts are everywhere. I have heard stories from these guys [men involved in fighting criminal behavior] that would make your toes curl. . . . We have had a spate of school teachers arrested here in [our state] in the past several months, all child molestors who had porn on their computers that mirrored their victims. Tell your friends that their children ARE IN DANGER because of porn.
Sorry I've had so many pornography-related posts lately; this isn't meant to be an anti-porn site, but I guess the issue has just come up a lot.  Please take a stand where you can and fight this plague. 

Side issue:  So why is it that people will throw a stink about nursing in public, but no one seems to care about pornography? 


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thanks for posting this. I am hoping that dislike means just what you said it did...confusing though!

Robyn said...

No apology needed. It is a plague and we need the reminders to make a stand and protect children, homes, and families.

Becca said...

I watched the video and by the time I watched it there were 11,000+ dislikes and only 200 likes!! That is so appalling!

My thought was that men were searching YouTube for porn-ish videos and found her video instead, totally calling them out. They were probably angry that she would ruin their fun little porn-search.

I shared this video with Beauty Redefined's Facebook page.

I can't remember if it was on your blog or another where I found the video for the documentary Shamed. If it wasn't you, look it up, I think you'll like it.

Is there a pornography awareness week in the United States? There should be. Maybe we should start one.

Becca said...

Actually, a friend of mine just commented on the video when I posted it on FB (and mentioned the "dislikes" that people are reading the title of the video and "disliking" that "No one cared" ... probably because they are used to the "like" button on FB, and no one in their right mind would "like" a status update that says "Porn on Delta - No one cared!" People would COMMENT and say things like "That's so horrible!" etc, but people probably wouldn't hit the "like" button.

Anyway, I think he was right, and I emailed the creators of the video and suggested that they change the name of the video (if that's possible)

I hope those "dislikes" are people who "dislike" that there was porn on the airline and no one cared. Make sense?

Emily said...

Hey Becca, Thanks for your comments. I hope you're right!! I don't know that there's a porn awareness week/day, but there is WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography). The ladies at Women for Decency are really into that. I have seen the info about Shamed. I didn't donate, but I wonder if they got their $. I should go look.

Scabs said...

fight! fight! fight!

Pornography, sex addiction, child abuse, human trafficking, little regard for human life, molestation, prostitution and an overly sexualized culture.

I remember when the large city I live near cracked down on it sex workers and traffickers. Little did I know they would move to my small suburb and have such an enormous impact on my family!!!

fight! fight! fight!