Monday, March 17, 2014

The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women Review at Real Intent

Check out my recent book review on Alonzo Gaskill's upcoming book, The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women at Real Intent.

This was the most significant thing to me:

[From the "lost teachings"] Be submissive toward your wife. Her love ennobles man, softens his hardened heart, tames the brute in him, and makes of him a lamb.
Christ told men to be submissive toward their wives.  This is huge.  This levels the playing field for men and women.  In my search for understanding submission to one’s husband, I’ve read many wonderful, well-meaning Christian women who bend over backwards to submit to their husbands because they want to be obedient, yet somehow it still doesn’t feel quite right. When men are also asked to submit as women are, this requires that they listen and counsel with their wives and work as a team!  I think many Christian women, and even some LDS women likely need a paradigm shift on submission if they use a strict Bible definition rather than the modern revelation of “equals” as found in the Proclamation, and subsequently in these lost teachings.

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