Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Word Feminism

The other night, Evan and I were on a date talking about this blog.  He said the only time he's heard the word feminism was in a negative light.  What!?  How could it be that I've never thought that?  Sure, modern feminists do some pretty crazy stuff, but historically, feminists have done so much good, too!

So, I thought I'd do an extremely well-thought out and accurate facebook survey (I jest).  I need to ask the question again to see if I get a few more responses, but generally speaking, most people who replied to my question do not like the word feminism and view it in a negative light or believe it is no longer an issue.

Now why would I not view it this way?  Is it because I've grown up in a society infiltrated with feminism that I haven't noticed it?  Is it because I took a woman's history class and became more familiar with the subject?  What would cause me to miss the hard-core dislike among the general population?  I figured most people I know would consider themselves feminists, but just don't really talk about it.

Because this blog was intended to be an uplift and a support of the women's issue: it's okay to stay home, I've made the blog private until I can figure this out.  I don't want to drive people away just because of the word feminism.

I consider any issue that women fight for as feminism:  modesty, staying at home, fighting pornography, equal pay, etc.

How do you feel about the word?

Could the negative connotation someday be removed?


Amanda said...

The word doesn't bother me. Although, I was raised by an English major that made sure we knew the true and thorough meaning of the majority of words. The best parts for me with true feminism is about allowing equal civil rights to prevail for women; which includes the right to choose to work outside the home or to be a homemaker...and of course to be able to vote.

Megan said...

Feminism and feminist used to be completely different for me. Feminism has always been fine, but I think over time the word feminist has become negative. I think of the modern extremist women who completely degrade men and say that they don't need them and fight too hard for womens rights. Let's be honest, we aren't the same as men: thank heavens for that. We used to call these women Feminazis. Horrible, I know, but that's what that term used to mean to me. Over the years I've learned that a feminist isn't always something negative. It can be someone like the RS Presidency in getting women to be feminine and womanly, embarrassing our natural calling again. I don't know if that made sense, but that's my two cents ;)
BTW, Love your new blog and the other ones you have posted on your blog!